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About Kari Nichols

Kari Nichols is the heart, soul and artist behind Mountainpeek Creations (MPC).

Born into a family of seamstresses, there has never been a time she didn’t love sewing.
Her inspiration and passion for color and design began in her first career as a stained glass artist.
The “piecing” required for glass work was slowly replaced with fabric and she became a member of the Quilt Cabin family. In 2001, the pattern company, Mountainpeek Creations, was formed.

MPC offers exclusive, unique, contemporary patterns for quilters of all skill levels. They also supply
patterns to select distributors. Currently Kari has created over 200 patterns – and her top-selling
pattern, Sidelights, has sold over 40,000 copies.

Kari has authored two books on quilting: Season Premier and Quilts That Sing.
She collaberates and designs for multiple multiple fabric manufacturers including Island Batik,
Hoffman, Robert Kaufman, Andover, Quilting Treasures, Timeless Treasures and Maywood.

To view some of Kari’s much-anticipated 2018 design work – click here

Additionally, she is a instructor for Stitchin’Heaven Travel’s quilting cruises
and manager of Holly’s Quilt Cabin in Denver, Colorado.

The Kari Nichols signature line of fabrics by Island Batik is available at Holly’s Quilt Cabin